Activeboards Fundamentals - Exercise 2.1 - Create your training activeboard

  • 31 January 2023
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Activeboards Fundamentals - Exercise 2.1 - Create your training activeboard
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You will find yourself creating multiple widgets through this Activeboard journey. It make sense that you keep this productions in your own personal activeboard.

We recommend storing all your stuff into one single project.

Part 1: Create your activeboard project

  • Open the Activeboards application.
  • Click on the + symbol on the toolbar at the top.
  • Name your activeboard as something along these lines: “Training_<your initials>_Activeboard1”.

Okay, this is cool but the activeboard is looking rather empty.

  • Make sure you are in edit mode. Newly created activeboards go directly into edit mode. 
  • Click on the Data icon in the toolbar. The one in the middle.
  • Paste the following query into the Free text query box. 


  • Yes, just like that. Now drag the draggable item to the workspace:

Part 2: Prepare your data

Your first widget is a table widget! However, this is one is not very insightful. This is because we need a decent query. We need to prepare the data feeding activeboards first. That is, we need to build queries beforehand. Let’s do that!

  • Click on the three-dot menu of the widget and select the option Go to query
  • The search window opens, so let’s put our knowledge about queries to use.
  • Filter out null values out in the clientIpAddress field.
  • Enrich the data by getting the country codes out of the clientIpAddress field.
  • Further enrich your data by transforming the new field with country codes into full country names. Use the countryname LINQ operation.
  • Remember that it’s best practice to filter again after enrichment. In this case we have plenty of null values, so it is especially indicated.
  • Group by the new field containing country names. Disregard time for this grouping.
  • Aggregate your data with a count operation.

The following LINQ query reproduces these steps:


  where isnotnull(clientIpAddress)  

  select mm2country(clientIpAddress) as countryCode,

    countryname(countryCode) as countryNames

  where isnotnull(countryNames) 

  group by countryNames

  every -

  select count() as count

Make sure you copy the query as is in the query code editor. Then, go back to your activeboard.

  • Ensure you are in edit mode.
  • Click on the top bar of the table widget. This should open its properties panel. 
  • Click on the Edit button next to Data source.
  • Paste the query you just did and save the changes.
  • Much more insightful, right? But there’s more. Click on the three-dot menu of the widget.
  • Then, select the Change the widget type option. Select either the pie or the donut widget.
  • Resize the widget by clicking and dragging over the bottom-right corner, if needed.
  • Which countries correspond to the two biggest portions of the chart?

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