Activeboards Fundamentals - Exercise 2.2 - My last search queries

  • 1 February 2023
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Activeboards Fundamentals - Exercise 2.2 - My last search queries
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The Activeboards application is flexible: there are multiple ways to achieving the same result. Let’s check one quick example of this.

  • Go to your training activeboard.
  • Make the table widget your default widget.
  • Make sure you are in edit mode.
  • Click on the Data button.
  • Take a look at the central column of the Data menu. The query we used for the exercise 2.1 is there, right?
  • Drag it to the Activeboard’s workspace. What kind of widget appears? Is it because you made the table widget the default one?


A major takeaway here is that you don’t need to copy and paste your query from the data search area of the Devo Platform. You can simply grab it from this quick access menu. Also, setting a widget as your default one might save you a few clicks in the longer term.

You may change your default widget to any other of your preference if you want. 

3 replies

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Hi Alex,

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but when I add new data to my widget, no matter what type is selected as “default”, the chart that appears is always the same type as I had before. I’ve tried a few times.


The default widget only appears if I create a new Activeboard and add the data to it without previously selecting any type of widget.


It’s not a big problem though, I just wanted you to know.




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Hello dear Minion! Thank you for your comment. This is great QA! Not sure if I fully understand, but let me try:


when I add new data to my widget


If by “data” you mean you enter a query with by using the panel that appears when clicking on the “Data” button (the blue one in the middle and the one discussed in this exercise instructions), then the widget that will come out will always be a table widget, no matter what your default widget is, as long as you drag it to the workspace. If you drag it an existing widget, it just replaces the old query for the newer one. 


That said, always make sure you drag the widget icon before expanding the menu:



In addition to that, bear in mind that default widgets exist on a per-activeboard basis. That is, if you set the voronoi as your default for Activeboard A, and then you create a brand new Activeboard B, the default widget will be the default-default line widget, if that makes sense.

Does this help?

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Hi Alex, 

Thanks for answering!

Yes, I think I didn’t make myself clear :)

What I meant is that, if there’s an existing widget, let’s say a pie chart, with some data already in it, and I change the default widget to any other type, for example, a table, and then I add any data into this existing pie widget, the type is stil pie and it shows the recently added data.

If I want the new default widget (table) to appear, I need to create a new blank widget and then add the data into it, and this new widget would be a table.

I only commented it because at first I understood that, when adding new data to an existing widget, the widget type would change to the default. I guess I just misunderstood, right?

Thanks again,