AI-Powered LINQ Generator Beta v0.0.241

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AI-Powered LINQ Generator Beta v0.0.241

If you haven’t benefited from our AI-Powered LInk generator, now is a great time to start.   The AI-Powered LINQ Generator was just updated with the latest and best LMM, Anthropic Sonnet 3.5.   


What does this mean?

When you use the AI-powered LINQ generator, the engine creating the resulting LINQ is industry-recognized as the best in class by independent benchmarks!  

Better results, every time. AND you can now Refine your results!


How do I get access to AI-Powered Generator?

You can access it in two locations:

On the Devo Platform:

As soon as you load up the Devo Platform Homepage, you will see a megaphone on the top right. This is the Resource Center.  It includes announcements and Related Docs Search.  Here you will find the magic wand that accesses the AI-Powered LINQ Generator and Search.


On Devo Docs

Head on over to our Documentation Portal and on the bottom right you will see the floating icon for AI-Powered Search:


How to Use AI-Powered Search

Be Descriptive,  the better you describe the code you want to create, the more accurate the results!


Have you used it?

I want to hear how AI-Powered LINQ Generator has helped you! Tell me your stories!

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