Devo Behavior Analytics release 1.8

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Devo Behavior Analytics release 1.8

Devo’s product team is happy to present the latest version of our integrated EUBA, Behavior Analytics, to you! In this release, the team delivers Entity Timeline improvements to help you emphasize the most essential information about an entity’s risk. Additionally, in this update, the team delivered a collection of dashboard improvements, including the data search pivot, entity risk group edit page, Improved error handling, and UI optimizations.

Devo Behavior Analytics is included in the Intelligent SIEM package and can help you quickly uncover anomalous user and entity behavior!  Read more on our main page here.


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Table of Contents


Entity Timeline

The Entity Timelines layout has been improved to emphasize the most essential information about an entity’s risk.


You can now select the most relevant parts of an entity’s timeline to get a deeper understanding of what is driving the risk score. Users can also use the entity metrics count to filter the graph and timeline.



Drill down into all necessary risky event details from a single screen:




The Behavior Analytics dashboard has been enhanced with the following features and fixes:

  • Data Search Pivot - The alert data search pivot now now isolates to the specific entities that were involved in the alert. 
  • Entity Risk Group Edit page - The entity risk page is better configured to manage large lists. 
  • UI Optimization -  Improved responsiveness to common user workflows across the entire applications with API and UI performance improvements
  • Improved Error Handling - Fixed several alert notification error scenarios around bad data inputs for alert priority, lookup errors, etc.



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