Devo Exchange 1.9

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Devo Exchange 1.9

Hello everyone, the Exchange team has a new update for you with tons of great improvements. Release 1.9 is no different!  In this release, a new notification system has been implemented to let you know when there is an update available to your installed OOTB content.  Along with this new system, there is a new filter added to All Content to allow you to see all the content already installed with an available update, a new audit table and updated navigation.  We’ve also improved performance for all users, with those with slower connections benefiting the most! Don’t forget to  visit the new Resources Portal, a single page for all your customer resources!


Table of Contents


New Features

Update Notifications

Devo Exchange now has a notification center to let you know when you have updates available for your installed Out-Of-The-Box content.  Located on the top right of Devo Exchange, you can view individual notifications, jump to the content or clear notifications.

You can delete notifications individually or you can delete all notifications.


New Filter for All Content: “Update Available”

Open Devo Exchange and switch the primary filter from Discover to All Content, now on the right you can sort by Update Available!

This filter will order content by Update Available first, then relevance.  You can quickly review all the updates to installed content from one place!


New audit table added

All audit information for Devo Exchange is each domain is sent to this new table:


View and discover user navigations, content installs, and other statistics for your users.


Updated Navigation

To improve the navigation experience, when you open installed content from Devo Exchange it will launch in a new tab. This action pertains to activeboards, apps, lookups or alert sections. This way you can always return to where you were in Exchange or continue to work in the launched resource in the new tab.


Additional Updates

Improved performance

Process compression has been implemented when loading items in Exchange. Users with fast connections will see some improvement in speed, however users with slower connections will see a massive speed increase to loading Exchange content.


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