Devo Exchange 2.0

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Devo Exchange 2.0

Welcome everyone to the grand unveiling of Devo Exchange 2.0!   We have some massive updates to the Exchange marketplace, including a new section for Multitenant content, a completely revamped Search engine that allows you to hunt for individual alerts and a redesign of Alert packs to give you even more flexibility and visibility into the pack's contents. The road to version 2.0 brought with it tons of great improvements as well,  including amazing performance improvements, enhanced access control and improvements to the amazing alert management tool, the MITRE ATT&CK Adviser!


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New Features

Search 2.0

This massive undertaking brings about a host of new features to help you find content quickly through the expanded marketplace.  In detail:

Recent Searches

Recent Searches will contain the last 5 searches you performed in order to find commonly used content quickly.  You can also clear any of the individual search entries.  Full match, partial match strings, the search will find anything.

Full Search with new Category Filters

You can now filter your search results by sources, tactics and techniques.  Along with these filters, we have improved all parameters of the search engine as well as the order in which results are presented. The search filters are also additive, for example if you wanted to find any alert packs with alerts that cover different tactics you can add those to the filters.

Search inside Packaged Content

In a past release we enabled the installation of any content individually within an Alert Pack. With Search 2.0 you can search for any alert inside alert packs by name or partial name.

Searching for “O365” you can see all the alert packs that contain alerts with this string in the name.  When you enter the pack, the search string will be highlighted and moved to the top.

As you can see, priority and sources have been added as additional information inside pack content on Devo Exchange. This helps power the new search filters and add new context for faster decision making!


Alert Pack Redesign

Alert packs now have Priority and Source information for each alert inside the pack as seen above.  We also have a new counter on the top right showing how many alerts in the Alert Pack you have installed.

Multi-Tenant Content 

All OOTB content in Devo Exchange has been updated to be Multi-tenant capable. This includes all 119 Alert Packs, more than 500 Alerts! We are currently working on Activeboards and Applications to have this new capability.   User Tracking Activeboard joins the MITRE ATT&CK Advisor application in Multi-Tenant capabilities.

If your domain is the parent domain of a Multi-Tenant structure you will see a new category filter in the Exchange homepage. Applications and Activeboards will have domain selectors for you to manage the information displayed.


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