Devo Exchange: Devo 360 for Palo Alto

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Devo Exchange: Devo 360 for Palo Alto

Devo Exchange Team brings you a new Devo 360 application! Devo 360 for Palo Alto brings you a collection of pre-built activeboards and alerts that deliver real-time visibility and expedites analysis of Devo users’ entire Palo Alto environment.


This Application automatically aggregates Palo Alto threat definitions for use by the Devo Platform to optimize resources and detect threats. This increases analysts’ efficiency and reduces fatigue as they address alerts.

See the full release notes and guides in our Documentation


Download directly from Devo Exchange


If you do not have Security Operations, you can still use this Application!  The team has made available the individual alerts in these modules.  Install them first!

Hi @juan.delrio,

Can you help clarify the difference between the Devo 360 Palo Alto Application and the other Palo Alto Activeboard packages that are already available?


On the surface, both appear to provide similar functionality but one is classified as an application while the other is an Activeboard package.


Thanks in advance for your reply!

That is a fantastic question, lets see what we can learn!

There are 3 Palo Alto based items in Exchange:
Palo Alto Networks Summary
Palo Alto Networks Threats Overview
Devo 360 for Palo Alto

There may be some over lap but each one was built for a particular purpose and use different sources. 
The biggest difference is that Palo Alto Networks Firewall Summary and Palo Alto Network Threats Overview are single Activeboards while the Devo 360 for Palo Alto is an application with a vast array of Activeboards using custom Queries and Alerts.

I would try the shiny new one if it where me :)  


Thanks for the explanation @juan.delrio.  I’ll take it for a spin :)