Devo Exchange: Devo Relay Alert Packs

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Devo Exchange: Devo Relay Alert Packs

The Devo Relay Alert Pack is now available on Devo Exchange. The Relay Alert pack consists of alerts to help you monitor the Devo Relays and detect when there are issues.

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What is the Devo Relay?

The Devo Relay is one of the primary ingestion methods for the Devo Security Data Platform.  While the relay code is provided by Devo, the relay infrastructure is typically deployed on customer premises for network routing purposes.


What is the Devo Relay Alert Pack?

The Devo Relay Alert Pack consists of three alerts that monitor the Devo Relay’s performance and detect when there are issues. By installing these alerts, you can ensure the function of your relay and detect issues before they arise. 


What Alerts are Included in the Devo Relay Alert Pack?

The alerts are: 

  1. DevoRelayConfigWarningLogs - Alerts when relays begin to show warning messages 

  2. DevoRelayErrorLogs - Alerts when relays begin to show error messages 

  3. DevoRelayLogsHearbeat - Alerts when a relay fails to continue to send data to Devo, indicating an issue with the relay, source, or networking 

Each alert should be tuned for a given environment/customer domain.  For example, the time-period of warning and error message notifications can be changed to notify users once an hour, day, or week when conditions are met.  Additionally, certain relay configurations might cause a warning in a specific environment but are acceptable based on business context, in which case the alert can be configured to whitelist these conditions.  


Where do I find the Devo Relay Alert Pack?

On Devo Exchange!

Direct links to Relay Alert Pack

US Exchange CA Exchange EU Exchange APAC Exchange


Using the Devo Relay Alert Pack

If an issue with the Devo Relay arises, warning and error notification alerts will trigger. The alert will showcase the first message of a given error or warning sequence and the remainder of the relevant information will be contained in the underlying table.  When an alert triggers the user should open the table to view the entire issue context. 


Additional Resources

Questions about the Devo Relay or the Relay Alert Pack? Ask any questions you have on Devo Connect and we will be happy to assist you. Users can also reference the documentation page or open a support ticket for help. 


As you pointed out, this alert can get noisy. Besides the advise you gave about adjusting the period, I insert this link to control alert triggers


Also an alert to control collection errors is advisable. I would enclose all of these alerts under a Devo Monitoring Pack.

I have the alert and I will post it in the community.

Alert on Collector errors