Devo Exchange: MITRE ATT&CK Adviser v1.2

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Devo Exchange: MITRE ATT&CK Adviser v1.2

The MITRE ATT&CK Advisor has been updated to version 1.2!  I love this tool and it is the main element in my Attack Analysis features, so I hope you are as excited as I am!

New Features!


You can now view sub-techniques within the matrix to understand where more coverage can be added.

Install Alert

New ability to take action directly from the application to improve coverage.

Multiple Tactics & Techniques

You now have the ability to have coverage go from a single alert to multiple techniques.


Deep dive into Sub-Techniques

Sub-techniques have been added to the application for informational purposes within the MITRE ATT&CK Matrices that are displayed within the application.  The new display enables users to understand more about the sub-techniques behind the parent techniques and identify areas where additional protection for their organization might be required.  

MITRE ATT&CK Techniques outline a particular way to achieve the goal of a Tactic.  A MITRE ATT&CK Technique may also include Sub-Techniques.  These are particular ways to carry out the action outlined in the parent Technique.  For example, the Brute Force Technique for Credential Access in the Enterprise Matrix has four Sub-Techniques:

  • Password Guessing

  • Password Cracking

  • Password Spraying

  • Credential Stuffing

All of these Sub-Techniques are ways to carry out the main Technique (i.e. a brute-force password guessing attack), but take advantage of different mechanisms to do so.

See the full details in our Documentaiton!


Download the MITRE ATT&ACK Advisor directly from Devo Exchange

Great stuff! Question - if a customer has this app deployed in their domain, will it automatically update to the latest version? :)