Devo Platform 7.16 Released!

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We are very proud to announce Devo Platform Release 7.16 with two long awaited and requested features!


Region Status
CA Released
US Released
EU Rolled into 7.17
APAC Released



New Features


Data Search: List View

List View!

This alternative data view displays information of an event as a list of keys and values known as pills.  This new view displays the information in two columns: the eventdate and the list of keys and values.  You can freely switch between both views with a speed that must be experienced!

See this new view in use in this short video!


Data Search: New Smart Query Code Editor

Smart Query Building

We have simplified the task of writing LINQ queries with this new smart editor.  As you type it will autocomplete table names, field names and much more! Building a search will be easier, faster and more convenient than ever!


Data Search: New Copy Option

New Copy Options

Both Tabular and List views can take advantage of new copy options when you right click on the data.  You can see it in action here in this video.

New Copy functions in Action!


Application: Auto Admin Role

This quality of life improvement will apply admin role to any new applications installed automatically.  Previously it was necessary to assign the the role manually.


Additional Improvements to the UI, and Bug Fixes can be found in the full release notes.

Documentation page for 7.16 full release notes


Let us know what you like about this release!

Released in US!