Devo Platform 7.18 Release

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Hello Everyone!  The Team is happy to present the Devo Platform Release 7.18 version which includes a ton of Activeboard and User Interaction improvements and features!

Geo Availability


Region Status
CA Released
US Released
EU Released
APAC Released



Table of contents

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ActiveBoard Updates

Scheduled Reports (PDF)

Check out the launch video describing this feature!



  • Each Activeboard can have it’s own unique schedule.  Future releases will let you schedule multiple Activeboards at once.
  • Scheduled Reports functionality is available from View and Edit modes as well as from the WEB and Activeboards API.
  • New UI and notifications supporting Scheduled Reports.
  • New Role Permissions for Activeboards Report Schedule

Query Optimization

You can now optimize your Activeboard queries with aggregation tasks directly from the Activeboard UI.

-New UI indicating when an Activeboard query can be accelerated with an aggregation task.

User Experience Improvements

Table Widget

  • Added new field “Align Items” that will allow for left, right or center alignment of data!
  • Added Column data type and column name.
  • Added Null Values improved readability.

Heatmap / Markersmap Widget

Improved Readability of the Type field


Notable bug fixes

Fixed Timelapse Widget - timezone being ignored in some cases.

Fixed Activeboard “Snap to” operations ignoring timezone in some cases.

Fixed Missing heading with Pie/Donut widget

Fixed in Data → Free text query the dragable button someitmes remained enabled.

Now Deployed in CA and US!

Now Deployed in EU!

Released in APAC,  green across the board!