Devo Platform 8.10.19

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Devo Platform 8.10.19

Hello everyone, the latest release of the Devo Platform is now live! Release 8.10.19 adds a new table to help you manage Alert and Flow errors.  Along with our ongoing efforts to add clarity and context to error alerts, this new table collects all backend errors for Alerts as well as Flows on the domain where the error was triggered.  In the future this new log will expand to collect all backend error alerts so you have one place to check and resolve any errors that may come up in your normal day to day. Each of the entries in the log are actionable by you, the user, with the additional context added to the error logs.  Lets dive in!


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Table of Contents


New Features

New Alerts Error log table introduced

Alerts internal error logs have been enhanced with the introduction of the new devo.internal.log.error table.  This table will contain all Alert backend errors (from Flows and Alerts) that take place in the domain where the Flow/Alert is running  and can be solved by a customer action.

Learn more about the details of this table in our documentation.


Bug Fixes

Improved error messaging

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