Devo Platform 8.10.8

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Devo Platform 8.10.8

Hello everyone, the latest release of the Devo Platform is now live! Release 8.10.8 adds a new type of alert for your growing toolkit.  The Inactivity Alerts will help you detect when normal activities like ingestion stop working, among other use cases.  This is a great tool to keep the information flowing and be notified immediately when possible issues occur. They are also available in the Alerts API!  Along with the new Alert, the team has added new API audit features as well as our continued work to deliver the best in class performance to you, our customers!  Start using the new Alert, and make use of those audit logs today!


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New Features

New Inactivity Alert is available

This new alert type follows the same principles of the Several and Low Alerts: An alert type that counts events during a period of time.   Here’s how all 3 differ:

  • Low Alert threshold: When after a rolling time period, the counter of the selected events (query) has not exceeded a specific threshold.
  • Several Alert: when within a rolling time period, any of the current period counters (query + current period key values) exceeds a specific threshold.
  • Inactivity Alert: When after a rolling time period, any of the previous period counters (query + previous period key values) has not exceeded the 0 threshold (has been equal to 0) that is, when any of the counters had no events (a different Alert from any of those counters without events).

If you want to create an alert to notify you when a collector has stopped ingesting during a period of time, Inactivity Alerts are the solution!

And the inactivity alerts are available in the Alerts API!

Learn more about Inactivity Alerts and all the parameters on our Docs page!


Updated Feature

API key “Read” and “Delete” operations added to audit logs

API Key audit logs have been improved by adding “read” and “delete” operations to the audit table


Actions for all users are recorded. The API key itself will be logged as obfuscated


Token “Read” operation added to audit logs

Improved audit actions by adding the “read” operation to the audit table:


Actions for all users are recorded. The token will be logged as obfuscated

Is it going to log events related to creation /deletion/reading of API keys or will it log events related to usage of it as well? 
Also, is it logging both “Authentication Tokens” and “Access Keys”.

Hi @aashishadhh we will be logging creation/deletion/reading/update of Tokens, Access keys and Certificates. We won’t be logging the usage of those at the moment. It is in the roadmap to log the usage of Tokens though.