Devo Platform 8.7.0

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Devo Platform 8.7.0

The Devo Team has packed release 8.7.0 with some amazing content for our customers.  In this release we have the long hinted Dark Mode, the new and completely rebuilt Alerts Page and finally Activeboards have become easier to use with the new Smart Editor.  Lets dive right in!


Release by Region

Region Status
GovCloud Released
CA Released
US Released
EU Released
APAC Released


Table of Contents


New Alerts Page

Completely revamped with new features throughout, this is a leap forward for the Alert Page and the future of Devo!  

Filter Triggered Alerts with new time ranges

  • Absolute - a defined interval with set beginning and ending dates, used for viewing data from a particular time frame.
  • Relative - a time span that is determined in relation to the current date, such as “Last 5 minutes” or “Last Day”, utilized for observing data development up to the current moment.
  • Snap to - a time period that reverts to the beginning of the chosen timeframe, enabling the analysis of data without the distortion caused by incomplete periods and ensuring a representative data sample.


New Filtering options for Triggered Alerts

Access new filtering options for triggered alerts that are applied universally to the enitre Alerts Overview. This includes both the Chart representation area at the top and the Triggered alerts area at the bottom.

  • Filter by Alert Name
  • Filter by Status
  • Filter by Priority
  • Filter by Category
  • Filter by Subcategory

with more to come in future updates!

Faster Alert Loading with new pagination

The alerts list is organized into pages for faster loading and easier navigation.  This allows you to find the alerts you are interested in quickly.  Including new listing options for you to control how much detail you see for each page.


New Alerts Management Page

Visualize triggered alerts graphically with new options and enhance your comprehension of your alert coverage.

New Graph Options:

  • Line Voronoi
  • Timeline
  • Calendar charts


Streamlined Alert Management

Expandable detail summary

Clicking the expandable arrow next to the alert name and you can view the Summary and Description of each triggered alert.

Edit Status

The Status column displays the degree to which a triggered alert has been acknowledged.

Edit Priority

The Priority column reflects the priority level that was assigned to the alert definition at the time of its creation.

Add Comments to single alert or multiple alerts

Comment on a single alert or multiple alerts with this new functionality.

Group Alerts by Name

As you know, an Alert can be triggered multiple times.  To better manage these events, we are providing Grouping capability by Alert Name.

You can also expand the group to see all the individual alerts collected by that container.

And that’s just the beginning!  The team has planned a lot more for the Alerts page and we are eager to hear your thoughts on these changes, so let us know in the comments or in Private messages!


Dark Mode theme is here!

In addition to the wonderful and current default Light Theme, you now have the option to switch to the Dark Theme! [Play the Imperial March]

Every subcomponent and tool was aligned and streamlined to work as a single design with the new theme.  A big thank you to the entire team!

How to switch to Dark Theme

  1. Go to your user Preferences
  2. Click on Global
  3. Choose Dark!


Activeboard New Features

New copy icon

Activeboard editor has a new copy icon that will allow you to copy to the clipboard all the content in the editor. You will find the new copy functionality in the following areas:

  • The Query Editor
  • The Activeboard RAW configuraiton
  • The Widget RAW configuration

Export To PDF improvements

We are performing incremental improvements to the Export to PDF functionality over the next few releases.  In this release, an improvement was made in the display of the input type widgets list.


Bug Fixes


These release notes are presented before release and are collected here as a “live” document.  Check on release day for final changes!


Wow, Dark Mode, new Alerts Page and improvements on Activeboards 😍

It still feels like Christmas

Hold on to your hats cause there is more!  This week has more gifts in store!

​​​​​+1 for Dark Mode.  I’m also interested in taking the new Alerts Page for a spin.  I know a lot of work went into that.

Yes!  The team is very interested in your feedback about the new Alerts Page.  You can add it here or reach out to me any time by PM :)

@juan.delrio the new Alert page is soooo better than the old one - thanks to everyone who worked on it! 

The only annoying thing (for me at least) is that the preset time is now() - 1h and there is no way to change it. The situation with the filters is similar. It will be really nice if you we can change the defaults per user.

This is excellent feedback thank you @Bisser !

What is your preferred range of fixed intervals?

Great feedback for the team as they balance user experience.  Larger intervals could cause slower responses due to larger data sets.

That is excellent feedback.  I like now()-1m as a default.  On my first attempt, I would rather have no results than a long wait.