Devo Platform release 8.2.26

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Devo Platform release 8.2.26


Devo is happy to make available the latest release of the Devo Platform.  This update brings a selection of improvements and bug fixes sourced by our customers!

Release Information

Time Window: Thursday August 31, 9:00 AM UTC
Duration: 2 Hours
Impact: NONE


Geo Availability

Region Status
CA Released
US Released
EU Released


Table of Contents


New Features

New Data Search Events marked on arrival

New highlights added to new events on both Table View and List view in Data Search.

 Alert Subscription Enhancement

The user’s email is now displayed on the Alert Subscription page instead of the Username.  This conforms with the consistent behavior through other pages in Devo ensuring an expected experience. 



Aggregation Task calendar migrated to Data Search time picker

Improved Data Search Copy command

Improved UX with the contextual menu “Copy” reducing the number of mouse clicks required to reach the command.


Increased Home Widget Accuracy

Units are now accurately displayed between the volume widget and the shown metric. Both now display the superior binary ingestion size (TiB, GiB, MiB, KiB) over the previously used decimal (TB, GB, MB, KB) representation.  This change ensures clear and correct data visualization for ingestion within your domain. 

The Event Volume chart on the Home Page is now more accurate due to this change.  The data continues to be accurate, and now the average and limit lines will match the data exactly.


Enhanced LookUp Errors

The team has made huge efforts to create more detailed error outputs to better diagnose and troubleshoot Lookup issues.   In addition to this, errors are now available in multiple languages, including Catalan!

Our goal here is to continuously improve the LookUp experience!


Better handling of large synthesis operations

We’ve increased the size of POST and DELETE requests to accommodate larger synthesis operations.  We also added new error messages with details to help diagnose problems with large synthesis operations.



Bug Fixes

  • Improve Autoparser handling of INTEGER types.
  • Improve Aggregation task calendar
  • Fixed an issue with relative dates when using search history
  • Improved ip4 operation handling


What would be the impact, what components will be affected and what time on August 31 are we expecting the changes? 

I got Info and added it to the product updated. I will add this information to all product updates going forward!



Way to tease dark mode 🙂 I’m really looking forward to that feature.

I may have been too excited about DarkMode and teased it too early. I just checked with the team, and it is coming.   As soon as I have a more solid release window, I will let you all know!

New information added!