Devo Platform release 8.4.0

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Devo Platform release 8.4.0


Devo is happy to present the latest updates to the Devo Platform.   Release 8.4.0 brings some great improvements, bug fixes and many under the hood improvements!



Region Status
GovCloud Released
CA Released
US Released
EU Released
APAC Released


Table of Contents



Improved field grouping for User and Domain Preferences

All preferences are now clearly nested in the UI for clarity and ease of use.


Custom Table improvements

raw/rawMessage fields are now optionally accessible.  When creating a new custom table and in order to better control the access of confidential information, you now have the option to toggle on/off the inclusion of raw/rawMessage fields.


MSSP Demo data access improvement

In order to avoid access issues using table, Demo tables have been disabled in root domains.  They are still available in all multitenant to domains.  This option is controlled through the new preference “Hide demo tables in finder under User and Domain preferences.

Bug Fixes

  • When editing a Lookup with a column name that included dots ("."), the values of that column were not displayed.

  • Role mapping with SAML2 or OpenId authentication login wouldn’t allow for user roles to be modified.

  • A SAML2 drop-down in domain preferences would lose its selected value when the page was refreshed.

This release also included under-the-hood improvements in preparation of the next release!  

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