Devo Platform release 8.5.0

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Devo Platform release 8.5.0

Devo Platform release 8.5.0 contains improvements to Lookups, Flow, and continued engine improvements in preparation more feature releases.

Deployment Information

Release scheduled for 11 AM CET
Duration: 2 hours
Customer Impact: None


Release by Geo

Region Status
GovCloud Released
CA Released
US Released
EU Released
APAC Released


Table of Contents


New Features

Persistent Error Feedback for LookUps

Lookups displaying a Creating/Deleting/Updating status where the associated
the operation has failed, will display an error status icon (bluebell), when you click on it, a dialog window with the corresponding error will be displayed.

In the case or several errors occurring during the operation, only the last one will be displayed.


Improved performance and responsiveness of Home Page

New robust backend cache system implemented to retrieve and enhance home page widget data usage.

The Cache is refreshed either Manually(with browser refresh button) or Automatically (every hour).


Flow Smart Editor

Integrate smart editor for query fields with syntax highlights and auto-completion for LINQ Language.

Flow New Unit: GameOver

This new unit will allow a context to stop/delete itself when its task is done. This new module will be available in the PROC group. It’s components are:

  • Ports:
    • Stop: when an event is recieved on this port the context where the unit is used will be stopped.
    • Delete: when an event is recieved on this port the context where the unit is used willb e deleted.


Vulnerabilities fixed:

  • CVE-2023-2976
  • CVE-2023-34462
  • CVE-2023-2976
  • CVE-2023-3635
  • GHSA-58qw-p7qm-5rvh
  • CVE-2023-20863


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