Devo Relay 2.8.0

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Devo Relay 2.8.0

This Devo Relay release brings some New OS support, depreciated OS announcements as well and automatic setup features for new regions!


Geo Availability

Region Status
CA Released
US Released
EU Released
APAC Released


Table of Contents

Core Changes

Devo Relay version 2.8.0 is expanding support for new OS’s.   Along with this functionality, support for a few older OS’s is being deprecated,  read to learn all the details of this release.


New Supported OS’s

  • Ubuntu 20
  • Ubuntu 22
  • Centos/RHEL 8
  • Centos/RHEL 9


Deprecated Support for 

  • Ubuntu 18
  • Centos/RHEL 7.x


Support for Ubuntu 18 and Centos/RHEL 7.x will end on June 1, 2024


What does Deprecated Support mean?

Deprecated Support for an OS does not mean the Devo Relay will stop working for that OS it just means that the Devo team will not be able to certify the components for that OS going forward.  It also means there will be no updates to the latest release (Devo Relay 2.5.0) for those OS’s so if a problem arises, the OS will need to be upgraded in order to use the latest Devo Relay release.  


New Feature

Automatic Setup added for CA and APAC regions


Installer support for automatic endpoint setup for APAC and CA regions has been added to the Devo Relay.  After launching the setup, you can select more devo Clouds using the automatic setup option.



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