Devo SOAR m114.6

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Devo SOAR m114.6

Whatever the problem, Devo SOAR has the answer.  Here is the latest update release notes.


Table of Contents

New in Automation

Introducing the latest Devo Soar integration: Absolute

The Absolute®️ Platform leverages a cloud-based, highly-available, and secure multi-tenant architecture across different regions. It’s comprised of various foundational components that power Absolute product features and are being leveraged by the company’s enterprise customers and ecosystem partners alike.



Devo Connection

Improved the process of adding a Devo Connection.

Devo Integration

Added 1 new action for Devo Integration

  • Send a single event

Microsoft Graph

Added 12 new actions for Microsoft Graph based on passwordMethod, PhoneAuth and Authenticator.


Added 2 new actions for Cybereason integration: 

  • Get custom reputation
  • Get remediation status

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Deprecated Submit Indicator action for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint integration and added a new action with added JSON request body field.


Bug Fixes

  • Credentials stored in Web API integration connection reference values are displayed in errors. We have fixed this now.
  • If someone uploads a CSV which has a missing label row, and they try to create a pie chart, the page breaks. We have fixed this now.
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