Devo SOAR m126

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Devo SOAR m126

The Devo team has released the latest version of Devo SOAR!  This release include 4 new integrations and a host of new actions and bug fixes.  SOAR Automation is a key feature of Devo Intelligent SIEM, allowing you to automate a large number of daily tasks and give you back essential time to perform key investigations and hunts.  First time with Devo SOAR? We have tutorials on the community to help you get started as well as the rich Devo SOAR Documentation portal.   Devo SOAR also has a guided playbook builder to interactively create a no-code automation!


Geo Availability

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Table of Contents

New Integrations

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint: with 5 actions
  • Anyrun with 4 actions
  • Solarwinds Orion with 8 actions
  • Arbor Sightline with 3 actions



  • Playbook resets to the default layout when we click on a node in advanced mode.
  • Microsoft Graph integration has added a new action List users V2 with Jinja support. 2 additional actions added: Add Attachments and Send Draft.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Host (OAuth Based): Added 8 new actions based on Static Groups, Static Host Groups, Host Groups, and Host Group Members
  • Cisco Umbrella: Added 3 new actions
  • Zendesk: Added a new action - Get Ticket
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