Devo SOAR Release m123

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Devo SOAR Release m123

The Devo team has released the latest version of Devo SOAR!  This release includes new enhancements to existing features as well as critical bug fixes.   Devo SOAR has a large library for automations and integrations to fit all your needs.  SOAR Automation is a key feature of Devo Intelligent SIEM, allowing you to automate a large number of daily tasks and give you back essential time to perform key investigations and hunts.  We have tutorials on the community to help you get started as well as Devo SOAR Documentation.   You can also use the guided playbook builder to interactively create a no-code automation!


Table of Contents



2 New Actions for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

You can now do more with this automation with these new actions:

  • Get Live Response Results
  • Run Live Response Action

Bug Fixes

CrowdStrike Falcon Host (OAuth Based)

Fixed an error with the default limit set in Search IOC’s action

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