Flow 1.18

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Flow, Devo’s correlation engine has received a major update with the release of Devo Platform 8.0!  This new version includes new Templates and Instances.

Table of Contents

New Features

Templates & Instances

Templates define the general layout, design and pattern of a flow.  Modified templates are instances of the parent template.


In the context of an alert system, a Template for an ‘each’ alert defines the flow structure then you can create an instance for the “each” type of alert.

Modifying a Template updates the existing instances.  Modifying an instance only affects that instance.

The benefits of this new features are many.  You can quickly edit many flows by updating the template.  You can also quickly address many similar use cases with instances of a template.

 Convert Flow to Template

New Edit menu option to convert existing Flows into Templates.  The existing flow can be converted to a Template + Instance flow, preserving your work while taking advantage of the new Template system.

New Open window with Filters

You can no open a Flow, Template or Instance with sort and filter commands for Name, Creator, Type and Status columns.

Flow Manager updated

Includes new tab for Templates and new column for identifying the type of the context, be it Flow or Instance.


Bug Fixes

  • Event Section Closing on Delete - Fixed!
  • File/Recent long context names - Fixed!
  • Unclickable unit description - Fixed!


Link to Release notes in Documentation.

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