Flow Release 1.26

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Flow Release 1.26

A correlation engine with perks!  The new Devo Flow comes packed with new features!


Release Information

Time Window: Tuesday September 19, 9:00 AM UTC
Duration: 2 Hours
Impact: NONE


Geo Availability

Region Status
GovCloud Released
CA Released
US Released
EU Released
APAC Released


Table of Contents


New Features

New Visualization of Publish template results

New look to published template results!  A new window will open with the instances name and the results of the publish.  If there are errors, a new dropdown is available with all the information.

New Functionality for HTTPCall module

Two new fields are available:

Max Retries
You can enter the number of retries when the response status code is outside the success range of 200-299.  However if you do not want to perform retries, just set the value to 0.

Delay between Retries
If you do define the maximum number of retries, a new field will become available that will allow you to configure the delay between replies in seconds.


Enabled Batch Processing of DevoSource module

You can now toggle ON to request the stalls and results.  This is possible only once the specified time grouping period has elapsed.  This period defaults to 1 minute if the grouping period is not specified.

New Actions: Stop & Unload

We’ve merged the action of Stop & Unload, now when you click/call the stop action, the context will be unloaded from the server.  As a consequence, the Unload button has been removed from the UI.

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