Service Operations Update 3.0.0

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The Service Operations team is pleased to present the latest version in the Service Operations Application.  This update makes great strides in improving the speed of the workflow in Data Sources and Summary screens, lets get to the Release Notes!


Region Status
CA Released
US Released
EU Released
APAC Released


Topology Section


[New] Data Sources when creating Maps

You can now add a data source to a map at the click of a button without needing to build a query from scratch first.  The configuration is completed centrally from the “Add Data Sources to Map” section.  

Gathered data can easily be selected from each node with no need to rewrite the query.

Summary Section


[New] New Multicomponent Menu

This new feature within the Summary section allows you to build summaries using more than one query result! Begone limits! You can create tables that combine multiple data sources, building a more comprehensive view of your environment.

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