Devo Exchange: Devo 360 for CrowdStrike

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Devo Exchange: Devo 360 for CrowdStrike

The Devo Exchange team just made available the Devo 360 for CrowdStrike application! This is a pre-built collection of activeboards and alerts that deliver real-time visibility and expedites analysis of Devo users' entire CrowStrike infrastructure!

If you use CrowdStrike in your environment, you should absolutely check this out!

Full details in our Documentation


Download directly from Devo Exchange!



Hello Juan,


I’m looking to install Devo 360 for CrowdStrike but it didn’t work even though the installation succeeded. When checking the installation installed is not there, nothing in alert configuration (use case) and Dashboard. I already opened a support case but I haven’t received a reply. Perhaps I’m missing a step (?).

Looking forward for a help.

Hello @tgomez !

This is probably due to the Application needing a Roles permission set.
See This Documentation Page  Under special Considerations, go to the Application Tab.

This is now done automatically in 7.16 Release of the Devo Platform,  as it continues to deploy, you can find the Release notes here.