Devo Platform Release 8.9.0

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Devo Platform Release 8.9.0


Hello everyone, the latest release of the Devo Platform is now live! Release 8.9.0 expands the availability of the TimeLine Widgets first introduced in Release 8.7.0 with the new Alerts Page. We also have created additional enhancements on the default activeboard loading process, giving you full control over what activeboard gets loaded on launch. Next, enhancement adds more control over your widget by adding new running operations at the widget level. Finally, we have improved user interactions in the activeboard contextual menus. These Activeboard improvements help speed up and empower your visualization of your data!

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Table of Contents


New Features

TimeLine Widget

The popular Timeline widget introduced in the Alert Page revamp from Release 8.7.0 is now available for you to use in your own Activeboards!  

The Timeline widget is a graphic representation of items sequenced in chronological order along a time line. This chart will allow you to monitor how dated items are located over time.


  • Time line is represented through a horizontal axis from left (oldest) to right (most recent)
  • 2 Item Types
    • Date: items that represent data in a specific date or a point.
    • Duration: items that represent data with a specific “from … to” duration
  • Item Groups can be used to visually group selected items.  Groups and subgroups are represented on the vertical axis.

This new widget has many customization options covered in our documentation.
(link when doc pages are released)


Running operations at the widget level

We have added running operations at the Widget level to improve performance even further.  These new operations are accessible through new clickable icons and are located at the right side of the widget header.

  • Real-time allows the user to run the widget query in real-time mode.
  • Refresh allows the user to run the widget query again.
  • Abort allows the user to stop a widget query that is currently running.



Enhanced Activeboard loading behavior on open

Opening the Activeboard section will now be an easier and faster process to navigate and use.   This update adds new behaviors for opening the Activeboard page if you have a default Activeboard selected or if you do not, Here is the breakdown:

Default Active Board set? Behavior on page load
Yes The default Activeboard is loaded.
No The Activeboad manager will open and the user can choose which to load.


Activeboard Menu options improved

The contextual menus now have enabled the following in edit mode.

  • Edit details
  • Clone
  • Delete


Documentation pages are coming online shortly.  This is a release preview until the release date and it is subject to change.  Release date is April 02, 2024.

This post states the changes should be happening at 11am UTC. We have just had updates outlining they are starting at 11AM CEST. Can you please work out your time zones.

That was my mistake rheselwood, will make sure it doesn’t happen again!