Flow Release 1.15

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As part of Devo Platform Release 7.16, Flow recieved some new features and updates!   Flow is Devo’s powerful correlation engine, this update will help you work faster and smarter!

New Features

Add Unit

Add unit from workspace

You can now right click on your workplace and add units through the new dropdown menu that appears.  You can also search for a specific unit from the list using the new search bar.


Add Time Zone

Add time zone in DevoSource

New time Zone field in DevSource unit.  Choose from the drop down to select the desired time zone.


New Menu Toolbar

All of Flow’s options are not grouped together under the new File and Edit Dropdowns including the NEW Zoom option and status Icon.

Additional Improvements

  • Each flow now has a default canvas before you add any units.
  • The welcome page has been tweaked, with a new icon on the header page and links to useful resources added.
  • Create the endpoints to read the templates.
  • Changes to the format of tabs.
  • We’ve improved the REST API documentation.
  • New template endpoints added to the Flow load balancer.


Check Devo Platform Release 7.16 post for updates on availability in your Geo!

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